Mulberry Silk Pillowcase - Blush Pink

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Imagine sleeping on cloud nine! With SUNDAY in Hoi An Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, your sleep would never be the same again. Besides the pure luxury of sleeping on silk, our pillowcases are made from the softest yet most durable mulberry silk in a rainbow of colors and thus would work hard all night to give you many beauty and health benefits, such as helping your skin retain its natural moisture and slow down the aging process and helping to reduce friction on your hair which often causes split ends and bed head. It’s also naturally hypoallergenic and suitable for the most sensitive skin.
So yes, beauty sleep is not a myth. We hope you are excited to wake up fresh and feel like everyday is a Sunday!

• Materials: Mulberry Silk
• Dimensions: 50 x 75 cm
• Color: Blush Pink