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Imagine slowly waking up in a soft bed full of plush velvet cushions and blanket, watching the rain (or even better, snow!) falling down the windows on a cold Sunday morning and happily realizing that you don't have to rush to go anywhere. Just grab a steamy cup of coffee and a really good book and your day has already been planned out for you. 



This is just one of the many relaxing Sunday mornings we dreamt off when developing our Sunday concept. Even though our luxurious silk velvet is traditionally used only for kings and queens to make embroidery clothing, we have made this amazing material accessible for your own home comfort through our extensive velvet bedding collection. From classic neutrals to rich jewel tones, from standard to European-sized square cushion covers, from large plush duvet cover to smaller blanket perfect for lounging on the couch, our amazing velvet products come in all shapes and sizes to satisfy your needs.  


So don't hesitate to visit us at our stores to try for yourself or let us know via email if you are interested in seeing our color board. After all, there is no easier way to bring a touch of luxury into your home!



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