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Fun fact for those of you who have been following SUNDAY from the very first days: After over a year of operation, we are now offering an extensive range of products with just a little less than 2,000 items in our system. Most of our customers pick their own favorites to bring home as a reminder of their time in Vietnam, yet time and time again, we find our signature line of tile coaster collections to remain the best selling items for travelers from all over the world.

Evolving with the French influence during the colonial era, beautiful hand-printed floor tiles have always been a big part of the Vietnamese architecture. Here, the floor tile mosaics usually come in simpler designs than its counterparts from Morocco or the Middle East yet still offer a distinguished look. At SUNDAY, these beautiful designs and motifs are carefully printed in smaller scale on ceramic coasters usually in a set of six pieces. These sets can be packed in small gift boxes and easily carried home to be used as presents or even just to bring a little memory of Vietnam to your daily life, a great conversation starter piece we would say!

Our collections of tile coasters are now becoming more worldly with designs from different cultures to make it more interesting. Whether you want a touch of Vietnam or just some patterns that fit with the interior of your home, we are sure you can find the right ones for you here. Contact us if you would like to see the designs and collections or just pop by one of our three shops if you are around and treat yourself to something really nice!


| SUNDAY in Saigon

229 Le Thanh Ton St., District 1, HCMC

| SUNDAY in Hoi An

25 Nguyen Thai Hoc St., Hoi An

76 Tran Phu St., Hoi An.

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